Paul Davis

President of ABWE


Paul Davis is a lover of the gospel and a servant to Christ with a burden for the lost. He and his wife, Martha, serve in missions as the 7th President of ABWE Global Family of Ministries. They are working hard every day to meet, support, and encourage ABWE’s global team. They strive to embolden Gospel-centered churches to become exceptional sending and supporting churches impacting the nations for Christ. Together they have served in gospel-centered educational and pastoral ministries for over 30 years.

Request a Speaker

People are leery that I come to sign them up as a missionary. In reality I come for something far more dangerous – to plead with them to pray the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his field. Let’s ignite Great Commission thinking!

My Faith

Crosses… see them everywhere… but when I was young, I never understood why “crosses” were a such big deal. To me they just looked like weird “plus signs because I didn’t know the Bible. Unless one clearly understands the “big picture” story of the Bible, the cross is just an odd “plus sign.” Let’s take a journey to explore history and the Bible to see why the cross has become such a powerful symbol.


My Work

If there is one truth that every Christ-follower must consider it is this; Did Jesus really command His disciples to disciple others? Because if He did… that creates both serious obligations and profound implications for those who claim to be disciples of Jesus. We believe in doing the long, hard work of missions. We believe that the Great Commission means not only sharing the gospel but discipling new believers in the local church and helping biblical, healthy churches multiply and reach their own nations. By God’s grace, we seek him to do what only he can do and spark global missions movements that extend beyond ourselves—through the power of the gospel.